Our Financial page has National Dental Academy’s financial information and policies, including tuition fees and payment options for our dental assisting training program.

Admission Requirements

Visit our Enrollment page for NDA’s admission requirements and enrollment procedures for our dental assisting course.

Required Course Materials

Every National Dental Academy dental assisting student will be provided a copy of the following required course materials:

  • Use of the Course Textbook “Modern Dental Assisting”

Other equipment, instrumentation, tools, and materials for NDA’s dental assisting training will be provided onsite at the National Dental Academy host dental office campus.


National Dental Academy’s dental assisting course final grades are based on a radiology quiz, a midterm exam, a final exam testing both written and clinical knowledge, and class participation throughout the course.

Each test or quiz is worth a total number of points, and correct answers out of totals are equated to percentages and then averaged for the course grade (rather than individual assignments being weighted differently). Quiz and midterm grades are posted at the next week’s dental assistant training class, and grades for participation and final exam performance are posted at the end of the final class (Class 10).

NDA Assignment Breakdown

Assignments Class Posted Possible Points
Class Participation All Class 10 40
Radiology Quiz Class 2 Class 3 40
Midterm Exam Class 6 Class 7 100
Written Final Exam Class 10 Class 10 End 100
Clinical / Radiology Final Class 10 Class 10 End 120
Total Possible Points 400

Example Grade Calculation

Assignments Possible Points
Correct Answers
Grade Percentages
Class Participation 40 36/40 90%
Radiology Quiz 40 36/40 90%
Midterm Exam 100 82/100 82%
Written Final Exam 100 90/100 90%
Clinical / Radiology Final 120 96/120 80%
340/400 85% – Course Grade


A copy of students’ attendance records, grades, and payment receipts will be kept on file for six years. HIPPA rules apply. If a student or employer/employment agency requests a copy of any or all records, written consent of the student is required before any records can be released.


National Dental Academy students are expected to behave professionally and considerately while attending class. NDA’s dental assisting school instructors and administrators have the right to suspend or dismiss any student who engages in dishonesty, destructive conduct, the consumption of alcohol before or during class, the use of illegal drugs, or any activity deemed to be unduly disruptive to others in class.

National Dental Academy’s code of conduct includes the following:

  • Clinical apparel is required for National Dental Academy’s dental assisting training program. Medical scrubs and tennis shoes should be worn to each class.
  • Students who are more than 10 minutes late will only be welcome to join the class if they notify an instructor ahead of time. See more attendance policies below.
  • Failure to notify the instructor prior to missing a class will be considered an unexcused absence. See more attendance policies below.
  • All quizzes and exams are administered in class and cannot be taken out of class. Students are not permitted to take home any written exam questions or answer sheets. Students are also not permitted to discuss quiz or exam questions with students who will be making up the assignment the next class.
  • Cheating is not allowed and will not be tolerated in any form. All attempts at cheating will be grounds for dismissal.
  • Cell phone use is not permitted during class.
  • Smoking is not allowed in or near National Dental Academy host office buildings.
  • Horseplay, loud arguing, threatening or intimidating people, and vulgar or abusive language are not allowed.
  • Misuse of sharp instruments or any class instrumentation, or destruction of equipment or other onsite property will result in immediate dismissal.
  • Any student dismissed for misconduct will not be allowed to retake the course.


National Dental Academy’s dental assisting training course consists of 10 classes on 10 different Saturdays. Students are required to attend all 10 classes of their course session, and attendance is checked at the beginning of every class. Due to the concentrated instruction of NDA’s dental assistant training, it is strongly advised to be present for all classes.

When absence is unavoidable, we request that students follow the following attendance policies:

  • National Dental Academy students are required to attend all 10 classes of their course session. NDA’s dental assisting training classes consist of morning lectures for four hours followed by an hour-long lunch break, then afternoon clinicals for four hours. Lunch is not provided. Students are welcome to bring their lunch or leave campus to eat lunch.
  • If an NDA student becomes ill and cannot make it to a class, a phone call to notify the instructor before class is required.
  • If a student needs to miss a class due to a reason other than illness, such as a family emergency, a phone call to the instructor before class is required to explain the situation and be excused.
  • National Dental Academy allows only one absence, and the missed class must be made up before the end of the course session. Students are responsible for missed lecture material, clinical instruction, and assignments. To make up for an absence, students should refer to the syllabus and class textbook for reading assignments, then come to the next class with any questions. Instructors, time permitting, will answer questions and also assist students with mastering missed clinical skills. If an absence occurs on a testing day, the student will be required to take the test prior to the next class in the morning or during the lunch break. Make-up tests need to be scheduled with the instructor, who will be present during testing.
  • If a student needs more time off class for personal reasons, a leave of absence should be requested. These students will be able to return and join the next 10-Saturday session that has an opening.
  • Attendance records are kept on campus premises during the course.

Student Complaints

National Dental Academy student complaints are dealt with immediately and in a private interview with the instructor, program director, and/or other involved party. Call Bethany or Lindsay at (715) 298-4447 for assistance with resolving a student complaint.


After acceptance into National Dental Academy’s dental assisting course, if cancellation is requested within three business days of enrollment then a full refund will be issued. If withdrawal from National Dental Academy’s dental assisting program is requested after three business days following enrollment but before Class 2, all but $100.00 will be refunded within 40 days after withdrawal.

For withdrawal from Class 2 through Class 6, a prorated refund of the balance paid will be issued. No refunds will be given after Class 6. A notice of withdrawal privileges will be given to the student leaving the course.


Dear Students:

This School has a Certificate of Approval from the Texas Workforce Commission.

It has been assigned a school number of: S4717

Students must address their concerns about this school by following the schools grievance policy as outlined in the school catalog.  Schools are responsible for providing their students with this information. If you were not provided this information please contact school management Erin Babbs at erinbabbs@nationaldentalacademydallas.com or Dr. John Fallis at (855)803-5033.

Students who are dissatisfied by the school’s handling of their complaint may file a complaint with TWC or other licensing agencies if applicable.

Information on filing a complaint with TWC can be found on TWC’s Career Schools and College’s website at: http://csc.twc.state.tx.us/.

Students who withdrawal from NDA’s dental assisting course due to illness, a family emergency, or other personal reasons may apply again without penalty before the next session begins. If these students choose to apply again and take the next course instead of receive a refund, they may begin the course at Class 1 or the class number where they exited their original session. National Dental Academy recommends starting over from the beginning at Class 1 of the new session. Before returning for a new session, repeat students must meet with the instructor to discuss the circumstances of their withdrawal.

To request enrollment cancellation or to withdraw from a National Dental Academy dental assisting course at or before Class 6, contact us