WAUSAU GRAD PICSNational Dental Academy Texas State Approved Dental Assisting Course

The course at National Dental Academy in North Dallas will consist of 10 Saturday classroom sessions and clinical instructions. In addition to the Saturday Sessions you will have 60 hours of home study and 10-15 hours of “on the job” training with your dental instructor. Once you graduate from our course, you will have all the training, experience, and knowledge needed to be a hirable dental assistant right away.

Your studies at National Dental Academy in North Dallas will teach you how to operate all of the standard equipment, instrumentation, and materials that are commonly used by dentists around the country. You will receive clinical training in the typical everyday function and responsibilities of a dental assistant. Our curriculum is thorough and is a high quality course that will prepare you for a better career as an educated and certified dental professional!

Below is a projected outline of what is covered in each of National Dental Academy class:

  • Class 1: General introduction to dental theory, terminology, and equipment (Chapter 1 of textbook)
  • Class 2: Radiology theory, practice of intraoral and extraoral x-ray techniques, x-ray safety, darkroom procedures (Chapter 2)
  • Class 3: Amalgam and composite mixing and curing, cements and liners, alginate impressions – upper arch, model pouring and trimming (Chapter 6)
  • Class 4: Four-handed dentistry, instrument transfer, aspiration, isolation (dry field), patient positioning, handpiece maintenance (Chapter 4)
  • Class 5: Endodontic and orthodontic procedures, instruments, and materials, PLUS job interview pointers and placement assistance tips (Chapter 8)
  • Class 6: Midterm exam, oral surgery and periodontal instruments and materials, alginate impressions – lower arch (Chapter 9)
  • Class 7: Amalgam and composite materials and instrumentation, sterilization methods (Chapter 5)
  • Class 8: Office management overview, front desk operation, OSHA regulations as they apply to dental assisting (Chapter 2)
  • Class 9: Crown and bridge instruments and materials, making temporary restorations, wax bites (Chapter 7)
  • Class 10: Final exam, pedodontic assisting, course review (Chapter 10)

For course materials (including textbook title), attendance requirements, information about grading, and other administrative course info, view National Dental Academy’s policies.

Our mission is to provide effective, affordable dental training that is educational, convenient, and practical.

We strive for excellence!

NDA Dental Assistant Course Outline

dentistacademy-2National Dental Academy training to become a dental assistant consists of Ten Saturday classes which are broken out into ten educational modules.

All Saturday Sessions are comprised of four hours for morning lectures, a break for lunch, and four hours of afternoon hands on clinical exposure with access to a real Doctor for some of these sessions.

National Dental Academy’s at North Dallas Texas will offer at least three 10-Saturday course sessions a year. We may add a class if needed to accommodate our student. Please see the schedules tab for more information

Find the NDA campus nearest you and view upcoming class dates on our Campuses & Schedules page.

Students are required to attend all 10 classes of their course session. All graduates will have the option to take the Texas RDA exam. For all levels of Dental Assisting in the State of TX please refer to for the most current information.

Start Your Personal Growth

There are many opportunities for well-trained individuals in the dental field, with the employment rate of dental assistants in the US projected to grow 31% by 2020.

That’s 17% higher than the projected growth rate for all occupations, so much faster than average!

National Dental Academy aims to train chairside dental assistants to quality for and pursue the many dental assisting positions available around the country. View our course outline to see a breakdown of what is covered in NDA’s dental assistant program.

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